Andreas Klein Music
"Improvisation is too good to leave to chance"
Paul Simon

Andreas Klein is a musician who dedicates his playing to the beauty of improvised music. Influenced by the latter as well as film and literature he is merging all inputs to create his own musical voice. Although Andreas is rooted in the jazz idiom, he is gaining inspiration from many different musical fields (classic, rock, Indian music).

At young age, Andreas (born in Saarbrücken, Germany) started out on the guitar, switching to the drums only later. He worked his way up in the local scene while studying mechanical engineering before he started his studies at the "Conservatory of Amsterdam". During that time he had the chance to study with great drummers: Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse, Lucas van Merwijk, John Riley, Jochen Rueckert, Antonio Sanchez. In 2010 he moved to New York City to continue his studies at the renowned "New York University".

One of his major projects is the "Christian Pabst Trio" (Christian Pabst - piano, David Andres - bass). "This trio goes far beyond the material. The smallest band gave the biggest presentation: the CPT won gloriously the Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award. The musicians play intense and subtle together, present themselves naturally and loose and play with depth" Jury AJTA 2009

The strong point of this long-term working band is a deep friendship as a result of growing up in the same region and learning to play music together from the very beginning. The telepathic interplay and personal sound of the trio have been praised on many international competitions, e.g. "International Jazz competition Hoeilaart", Belgium, "Biberacher Jazzpreis", Germany, Finalist "Dutch Jazz Competition", the Netherlands. In 2010 the band recorded their debut CD "Days Of Infinty" featuring Gerard Presencer on trumpet, which will be released in early 2011 on Challenge Records.

Andreas earned a bachelor of music degree from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and moved to NYC where he is a master of music candidate at New York University. Andreas Klein has performed on numerous festivals across Europe, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival. Further he received several prices at international jazz competitions, e.g. 1st price at "Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award" and has been awarded with a full scholarship from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) in 2010 and 2011.

Christian Pabst Trio




Christian Pabst Trio - "A Poet's Path"

Joao Firmino Group - Trailer

Christian Pabst Trio - "Und Der Regen"

with Jean-Michel Pilc - at Blue Note

"This trio goes far beyond the material. The smallest band gave the biggest presentation: the Christian Pabst Trio won gloriously the Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award. The musicians play intense and subtle together, present themselves naturally and loose and play with depth. "
Jury Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award, 09.05.09

"Mit Gitarrist Ro Gebhardt entwickeln sich Duette, die manchmal auch Duelle genannt werden können, bei denen Pianist und Gitarrist demonstrieren, wie sehr sie aufeinander eingespielt sind. Es ist ein beeindruckendes musikalisches Abenteuer, ein Kampf der Titanen, den ein vollbesetztes Cafe Bacchus miterleben darf."
Aalsmeer Press, 10.01.08

"Beautiful compositions with master musicians accompanying - this and more can be heard on the wonderful CD simply titled Days of Infinity, the new recording by pianist/composer Christian Pabst. The Christian Pabst trio has more than proven that they are not ordinary in any way. The music they create is far more than a multi-layer jam session. They work as a cohesive unit with each knowing exactly what note to play next without ever speaking a word among themselves. It is wonderful.
There are ten compositions on Days Of Infinity. All of these with the exception of "Deja-vu" (by David Andres) are Christian Pabst originals. Some favorites are "Tales From The City", "Fly and Unfold" and "Sarasate". Christian Pabst, David Andres (bass) and Andreas Klein (drums) are the members of the remarkable trio. They are joined by Gerard Presencer (trumpet) on this project."
Birmingham Times, 23.06.11

"Ook de jury van de preselectie Jazz Hoeilaart 2007 was gefascineerd door hun emotioneel en meeslepend samenspel, met daarbij hun jeugdige leeftijd."
International Jazz Competition Hoeilaart, Belgien, 28.09.07

"Christian Pabst Trio: "Days Of Infinity", feat. Gerard Presencer (Challenge Records) "Tage der Unendlichkeit", ein klangvolles Motto - und angesichts der hier vorherrschenden Blue-Note-Melancholie scheint die Zeit manchmal stehen zu bleiben. Neben dem lyrischen Grundtenor fehlt es dem Album mit der unaufgeregten Aura dennoch keinesfalls an temporeichen Abschnitten und Abwechslung. Dafür sorgt der variantenreich in die Klaviertasten greifende Pianist und Combochef Pabst, Autor fast aller Titel, ebenso wie Gerard Presencer, der als Gast mit Flügelhorn-Schmelz und Trompeten-Eleganz essentielle Farbtupfer setzt. Für die massgeschneiderte federleichte Grundierung dieses charaktervollen Pianojazz der subtilen Art zeichnen David Andres (Kontrabass) und Andreas Klein (Schlagzeug) verantwortlich." 4 Sterne
Saarbrücker Zeitung, 04.08.11

Andreas Klein is currently available for teaching all ages and levels.
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